Rocket Piano Review - How to Learn Piano Fast

29 June 2013

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Do you want to play your favorite songs on piano but no matter how hard you try it seems so impossible? Maybe you have joined several piano course that costs you hundreds dollar but it doesn’t seem to work. Now there’s easy way to learn how to play piano online with Rocket Piano. This online course will teach you piano with the brand new working method that you can’t imagine before. Any music you want to play, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues even Classis, the hardest music, it will be easy and you will play it like a pro.

If you’re interested in it, just read my Rocket Piano Reviews below to find out what this course offers you and what makes it different than other courses. You can also find out where to get the lowest price with best deal that you can afford.

Rocket Piano – Learn How to Play Piano Online

Rocket Piano ReviewHow to Learn Piano Fast and Easy
Rocket Piano Lessons are made because people need new way about how to learn to play the piano, not the same old boring lesson that only will drive you crazy. Playing piano will be so much fun and it looks really cool too, but we all know that learning piano is not really fun and easy as we thought. I know I did. But this lesson brings new method, step by step lesson with demonstration video and high quality sound files. It will also teach you several music theory and background in piano, which is really good information for any pianist.

You don’t have to be worry if you’re a real newbie or beginner who doesn’t know where to start. This piano lesson will teach you complete lesson start from the beginner, intermediate to advanced level. This way you can learn piano faster and of course you will have fun. It will also teach you how to learn several classic songs that it seems really impossible to play, especially if you’re a beginner like me. You will learn the skill to play all your favorite song you want. You might not find this lesson in any other courses.

How to Learn Piano FastBecome a Complete Pianist
Other courses will teach you what to practice with piano, which music sheet to read and other boring stuff you can’t stand. But this Rocket piano will also tell you how to practice so you can learn piano smarter and harder. It makes you enjoy your lesson and play piano with more fun.

Music is not only about how to play the right note or memorizing chords, there’s a soul, feeling and emotion that you need to put on your music to make it alive. This is one thing that makes Rocket Piano totally different with other courses. It teaches you how to communicate with your music to express your feeling. Because when you touch someone’s heart when you play the music, you totally make those notes speaks.

You might feel uncomfortable in common piano course if you’re the only beginner in your class and your friends seems already play piano well. Not to worry, because Rocket Piano teaches different level and ability of pianist in different way and technique. Not to mention it is completed with audio and video demonstration so you don’t have to be worried about what it sounds will be like.

If other courses only teach you how to play, this Rocket Piano Course will teach you how to improvise. You will learn about harmony, chords, melody, scales and chord progression in any key. At this point, you can either play piano to sing along with your friends or doing impressive solo. Another interesting lesson about this Rocket Piano is how you will learn music from chord symbols, not a crazy music sheet that you have no idea how to read or play.

Rocket Piano Lessons

Rocket Piano Lessons Inside

What’s inside of this Rocket Piano Lesson? Let’s check out here!

How to Learn to Play the PianoThe Beginners Book
Let’s start our lesson from the beginners book that teach you about history of the piano, how it is made up and more beginner stuff like fingering, chords, scales, keys and more. You will learn the basic knowledge of melody, harmony and rhythm. Don’t have to be worry if you don’t have years of learning piano experience. Just read the beginner book and practice.

The Intermediate Book
Once you mastered beginner book, you can take your piano skill to the next level with intermediate book. In this book, you will learn about key and time signature so you can read music easily. You will learn dynamics, performance and more complex rhythms and chords. This is the part where you’re ready to handle higher level of playing piano.

Learn How to Play Piano OnlineThe Advanced Book
In this book, you will ready to learn some technique to build yourself as a real musician. At this point, you will have ability to write your own song, improvise, key transposing and understanding more about chords and key signature. You will also learn how to perform the most difficult part of playing piano that people need years to master.

The Rocket Piano Jazz Book
For more reference, and to let you have comprehensive piano ability, you will learn Piano Jazz which not everyone is able to play because it’s tricky. It will teach you how anything you want to know about Jazz: history, distinctive rhythms, underlying qualities, rhythmic movements and Jazz chords. This book is especially made for those who love Jazz music.

The Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual & Hymns Book
Is this piano lesson a real complete course or what? It teaches you any kinds of music, including Gospel and Spiritual music that will be so much useful for you at Church.

Jam Tracks and Quizzes
It also includes 26 Rocket Piano Jam Tracks that you’re going to love to play along with band with great rhythm. The Rocket Piano Quizzes will also let you know how far you learn in fun way. So, you can play while learn.

How to Learn Piano Online

SIX FREE Bonuses
Rocket Piano gives you not only the best lesson but also best bonuses for free:

  • BONUS 1 – The Rocket Piano Metronom
  • BONUS 2 – Jayde Musica Pro
  • BONUS 3 – Chordinator
  • BONUS 4 – Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano
  • BONUS 5 – Perfect Your Pitch Pro
  • BONUS 6 – 30 day access to SongPond

Rocket Piano Lessons Best Price

How much money you need to buy this incredible piano lesson? With amazing, complete lesson and bonus, I know you might think it will cost you much money. But it’s not at all. This course has lower price than any course you can find in your town.

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