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3 July 2013

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Are you an iPad user with less experience of using it and you want to get the most of it? Do you think the manual doesn’t seem to be enough to do it? Then you might consider iPad video tutorials by iPad Pete, the real super geek who will show you the coolest stuff and maximize your experience with iPad. iPad is such an amazing device that will give you so many advantages in your activities, but it will be so bad if you don’t recognize its full potential.

Read my iPad Video Lessons Review below to get more information about what this lesson is about, why should you choose this and the best offer and price for it. You can also learn some reviews from those who already bought this lesson.

Why you should buy this iPad Tutorial Video?

ipad video lessons reviewNo Complete Manual from Apple
Apple designs their product with easy-to-use so they might think even without manual users are able to use it. This also happen to me when I unboxed my first iPad and really didn’t know what to do. But with the price you’ve spent for iPad, I don’t think you’re just going to use it for email and social media purposes because it will only waste your money. iPad can do so much better than that. This is exactly why iPad Pete made these ipad video lessons to maximize your iPad use.

Made by a Total iPad Geek
iPad Pete has been dealing with iPad and more Apple product with his own style to maximize them. In this case he will be your iPad geek friends and will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of it: important features, apps and more things that you can’t even figure out by yourself.

Spend Only 11 Minutes Every Day
You don’t have to spend hours every day learning about this iPad video. You don’t even have to change your daily schedule to make time watching those videos. Simply watch the videos only 11 minutes a day to get to know better of your iPad. It offers you step-by-step, tap-by-tap easy to follow video instruction.

ipad video tutorialsStop asking Google everything about iPad because it only makes you confused and get you frustrated because you can’t find what you’re looking for. Save your time for something better than searching and watch this video to get better experience with your iPad.

Get the Most of iPad in No Time
After watching all those iPad instruction video, your iPad will be like your personal assistant to help you get your job done, have fun and anything you need. Bring your iPad everywhere and get the best time of your life with all its incredible features.

It has 9 Incredible Complete Module + 1 Bonus Module
iPad video tutorials come with 9 modules that you can learn:

  • Module 1 (All About Your iPad) – This module will give you introduction with simple features
  • Module 2 (Web Tips and Tricks) – This module will teach you how to make the most of internet use on your iPad
  • Module 3 (More About Mail) – It will show you how to use emails that will be so much useful for you
  • Module 4 (Reading on Your iPad) – On this module, Pete will tell you how to manage and read more stuff on this gadget: e-books, magazines, news and more
  • Module 5 (App Fun & Productivity) – This is the part that you’re going to love most: all about having fun with your iPad
  • Module 6 (Listen to Music & Podcasts) – If you love music, this module will be your favorite, because it tells you all about music, lyrics, download and streaming
  • Module 7 (Organize Your Photos) – This module will show you the best way of managing your photos
  • Module 8 (Watch Video on Your iPad) – If you love to watch movies, music videos and more multimedia entertainment, this will be one of the most exciting module
  • Module 9 (Exploring Maps) – If you travels a lot, you really need to learn this module because it will show you more tips and tricks about maps and GPS on your iPad
  • BONUS MODULE – Pete also gives you one bonus module about iOS, iCloud, Reminder and more things you need to know about iPad and it also works for other Apple products


What you will get from iPad Video Lessons?

Here are things that you can get from video lessons:

  • how to use the ipadWatch video according to your schedule and simply rewind it when you don’t catch something
  • Learning with new techniques about tips and trick
  • Lifetime membership that keeps you up to date with the latest module
  • 24/7 Video Available to watch
  • Improve your iPad skills with every feature you can master
  • Clear, complete training from video with step-by-step for every feature and apps
  • Offers you more than 100 videos to learn anytime you want


iPad Training Video Best Price

Okay, this video training is awesome, but how much it costs? You might have spent over $1000 for PC course and even more for literatures. But for these awesome video tutorials only costs you less than $150. In fact, if you buy it now, you can even save more money on it.

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